Courts are still active during COVID-19. Although not seeing people in person, Courts have established some virtual courtroom guidelines. Emergent matters are being heard on a modified basis. The Courts are accepting filings via regular mail as well as JEDS (a new online method) for certain matters. Other matters may be filed by attorneys on the normally used online system. Some vicinages are granting divorce, hearing child custody or parenting time matters virtually with testimony and where appropriate, on the papers. Other matters continue to be filed in the normal course as permitted for attorney’s registered with online access. Middlesex County is moving forward with family mediations immediately and Early Settlement Panels as early as April 30, 2020. Even though matters may be processed slightly slower than before the quarantine, we at the Law Office of Bhavini Tara Shah, LLC are moving our cases forward as expeditiously as may be permitted. We look forward to hearing from you if you have a legal matter requiring attention.